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More Naruto Action Headed to the Wii

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 was announced, expected to be released in December of 2008. This follows the moderately well received Clash of Ninja, and will add new features and characters as one would expect of a sequel. This title will be a Wii exclusive, and will support 16:9 widescreen format.

Click the links below to download the Naruto manga.

Also be sure to check out our Naruto Comics section to find real issues for cheap.

Naruto Manga Downloads

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5

Here is a listing of the manga included in the downloads:

Naruto Volume 1
Chapter 001 Uzumaki Naruto
Chapter 002 Konohamaru
Chapter 003 Uchiha Sasuke
Chapter 004 Hatake Kakashi
Chapter 005 Carelessness is Your Worst Enemy
Chapter 006 Not Sasuke-kun
Chapter 007 Kakashi's Conclusion

Naruto Volume 2
Chapter 008 That's Why You're Failures
Chapter 009 The Worst Possible Client
Chapter 010 Two Down
Chapter 011 Disembark!!
Chapter 012 It's Over
Chapter 013 I'm a Ninja
Chapter 014 Secret Plan
Chapter 015 Sharingan Resurrected
Chapter 016 English Who Are You?
Chapter 017 English Preparation for Battle

NarutoVolume 3
Chapter 018 Training Commences!
Chapter 019 Symbol of Courage
Chapter 020 The Country That Had a Hero
Chapter 021 Encounter in the Forest
Chapter 022 A Rival Appears
Chapter 023 Two Surprise Attacks
Chapter 024 Speed
Chapter 025 For the Sake of Dreams
Chapter 026 Crumbling Dreams
Chapter 027 Awaken

Naruto Volume 4
Naruto Manga Chapter 028 Nine-Tails
Chapter 029 An Important Person
Chapter 030 Your Future Is...
Chapter 031 Their Own Battles
Chapter 032 A Tool Called Shinobi
Chapter 033 The Bridge of Heroes
Chapter 034 Intruders!?
Chapter 035 Iruka vs. Kakashi
Chapter 036 Sakura's Depression

Naruto Volume 5
Chapter 037 The Worst Match-up
Chapter 038 An Important Person
Chapter 039 Challengers
Chapter 040 The First Test
Chapter 041 The Devil's Whisper
Chapter 042 Each Person's Battle
Chapter 043 The Tenth Question
Chapter 044 Tested Ability
Chapter 045 The Second Test

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 is set to slash its way onto the PS2 (and only the PS2) on March 25th, 2008. A quick summary:

Ultimate Ninja 3 makes monumental leaps in the franchise with a host of "firsts" for the series. Players can now live through and be a part of all the major events that defined Story Arc 1 in Heroes History mode. Also, ninja-in-training can customize their characters with the Ultimate Jutsu which gives them that extra bit of edge during battle and allows them to earn points towards upgrading their strength, defense, chakra, agility and other special abilities.

The first 2 games in the Ultimate Ninja series were pretty well received by the Naruto community, hopefully Namco is able to build upon past success and deliver a great experience.

Reviews have been a bit mixed so far for Naruto: Ninja Destiny. While IGN, GameZone and Nintendo Power all have rated the game in the 70% range, 1UP has slapped it with a D-. I'll be keeping my eye out for more reviews and see what the consensus ends up being!

Naruto Shippuden Episode Guide

Wikipedia has a nice Naruto Shippuden episode guide up that included the English and Japanese episode titles, as well as the original airdates of each episode. Looks like it is constantly updated to include known future airings as well.


***NOTE: Mission mode must be defeated before any Ninja Revolution character unlocks are opened.

Temari - Beat Shikamaru's Single Player mode
Tenten - Clear Mission 20
Kankuro - Clear Mission Mode once
Tsunade - Beat Single Player mode with Jiraiya
Gaara - Beat Single Player mode with Naruto and Shikimaru
Ino Yamanaka - Beat Single Player mode with Sakura
Guy - Clear Mission 13.5
Hinata Hyuuga - Beat Single Player mode with Neji
Shino Aburame - Beat Arcade mode with Kankuro
Orochimaru - Beat Single Player with Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Jiraiya.
Kisame - Beat Single player with Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Guy and Jiraiya.
Itachi Uchiha - Beat Mission "Rematch Itachi vs. Saskue", after unlocking all other starting characters plus Guy and Kankuro

Episode List

This is a list of all 220 episodes of the orginal Naruto series:

Begining Episodes

  • 1: Uzumaki Naruto Arrives!
  • 2: I Am Konohamaru
  • 3: Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura
  • 4: The Trial! Survival Training
  • 5: Failure? Kakashi's conclusion

Country of the Wave

  • 6: Important mission! Heading to the Country of the Wave
  • 7: The Assassin of the Mist!
  • 8: Decision sworn on pain
  • 9: Sharingan Kakashi
  • 10: The Forest of Chakra
  • 11: The Country that had a Hero
  • 12: Battle at the bridge! Zabuza once again!!
  • 13: Haku's Secret Jutsu: Demonic Ice
  • 14: Hyperactive No. 1, Naruto joins the battle!
  • 15: The fight in zero visibility: The Sharingan Crumbles
  • 16: The released seal
  • 17: The White past, the inner feelings
  • 18: A tool called Shinobi
  • 19: Zabuza disperses into the snow

Chuunin Exam 1 - The writen test

  • 20: New Saga begins! It's the Chuunin Exam
  • 21: Name yourselves! The arriving opponents!!
  • 22: 120% Spirited! Rocking Challenge right now!
  • 23: Defeat the rivals! The Rookie Nine all assembled!
  • 24: I fail already? The extremely difficult First Exam
  • 25: This is it! The last stand, Question #10

Recall episode

  • 26: Must Watch! Report before entering the Forest of Death!

Chuunin Exam 2 - The Forest of Death

  • 27: Second Exam starts! Everyone around us is an enemy!
  • 28: Eat or be eaten! Naruto becomes bait
  • 29: Naruto strikes back! I'm not going to run away!
  • 30: Revive, Sharingan! Finish Move - Fire Element, Dragon Fire Technique!
  • 31: Super Eyebrow Platonic! I will protect you to the death!!
  • 32: Sakura blooms! Showing her back in determination
  • 33: The ultimate formation! Ino Shika Chou
  • 34: Akamaru surprised! Gaara's exceptional ability
  • 35: Absolutely no peeking! The Secret of the Scroll
  • 36: Replication match! I'm the main character!
  • 37: Second Exam Completed! All of Them are Here, the Rookie Nine!
  • 37.5: Find the Special Crimson Four-Leafed clover! (special)

The Preliminary Matches

  • 38: Those who pass cut down to half!? It's an unexpected fight!!
  • 39: Super Eyebrows jealous "Lion Combo" is born!
  • 40: A Touch-and-Go situation! Kakashi VS Orochimaru
  • 41: Rivals Clash! The hearts of the girls are in serious mode
  • 42: The best battle is all right, damn it!!
  • 43: Shikamaru staggers!? Female ninja's heated battle
  • 44: Akamaru joins the fight!! Which one will be the underdog?
  • 45: Hinata blushes! The crowd open their mouths wide, Naruto's trump card
  • 46: Byakugan unleashed! The shy Hinata's daring determination!
  • 47: In front of the person I admire!!
  • 48: Crash Gaara! It's youth! It's power! explode!
  • 49: Hot-Blooded loser! Finally blossom. forbidden secret technique!
  • 50: Oh Rock Lee! This is the way a man lives!!
  • 51: A shadow moving in the darkness. Crisis approaching Sasuke!

Training for the 3rd Exam

  • 52: Ebisu again! I won't let you do such perverted things!
  • 53: Long time! Pervert-Sennin appears!
  • 54: Taught by Pervert-Sennin. it's the Summoning no Jutsu!!
  • 55: Painful feeling, A single flower with a wish in it
  • 56: Life of death!? Risking your life to learn a technique!
  • 57: He flew! He jumped! He sank! Enter the Frog Boss!
  • 58: The evil hand sneaks near! The targeted hospital room.

Chuunin Exam 3 - Tournament

  • 59: Furious, intense chase, and agressive dash. The main matches begin.
  • 60: Byakugan vs Shadow Repliation! I will win!
  • 61: No blind spots! Another impenetrable defence!
  • 62: Dropout's hidden power!
  • 63: Disqualified!? Forfeit! Change in orders! The tournament with full of confusion!
  • 64: The clouds are nice... The guy with no interest
  • 65: Clash! The moment Konoha dances and Sand wriggles!
  • 66: The man who calls up a storm! Sasuke's Fuzzy Eyebrow style combat move!
  • 67: I wasn't late for nothing! Ultimate move - Chidori revealed!

Konoha's destruction

  • 68: Destruction of Konoha Commenced!
  • 69: I was waiting for it! It's an A-rank Mission!!
  • 70: Coward No.1 It's troublesome, but I've got to do it!!
  • 71: Absolutely incomparable! A Hokage-level battle!
  • 72: The Hokage's mistake. The true face under the mask.
  • 73: Forbidden Master Technique - Shiki Fuujin
  • 74: Astonishment! Gaara's True Identity
  • 75: Going over the limit... Sasuke's Decision!!
  • 76: Assassin Under the Moonlight
  • 77: Light and Darkness, The Name Gaara
  • 78: Explosion! These are the Naruto Ninja Chronicles!!
  • 79: Break the Limit! Light and Darkness
  • 80: The Third, Forever......!!

Return of Itachi

  • 81: The Homecoming in the Morning Mist
  • 82: Sharingan Vs. Sharingan
  • 83: Ohh Noo! Jiraiya's Woman Trouble, Naruto's Trouble
  • 84: Growl Chidori, Roar Sasuke!
  • 85: Foolish Little Brother, Hate, and Detest!

The 3 Legendary Sennins

  • 86: Training Commences, I swear I'm Going to Become Stronger!
  • 87: Guts!!! Pop, Water Balloon!
  • 88: The Konoha Mark and Forehead Protector
  • 89: Ripple
  • 90: Exploded Anger! I Won't Forgive You
  • 91: The First Hokage's Inheritance, The Necklace that Calls Upon Death
  • 92: Yes or No! Tsunade's Answer
  • 93: Negotiations Broken Down
  • 94: Eat it! Ransengan of Anger!
  • 95: The Fifth Hokage, A Life Sacrificed for the Fight
  • 96: Three-Way Deadlock Battle

Return to the Leaf

  • 97: Naruto's Hot Spring Experience!
  • 98: Quit being a ninja! A notice from Tsunade.
  • 99: The One Who Inherits the Dying Wish of Fire.
  • 100: Strong Teacher-Student Bonds. When A Man Breaks The Ninja Way.
  • 101: Want to Look, Know, and Confirm Kakashi-sensei's Face!
  • 102: New Mission Has Arrived. Save Justice, Human Hearts, and the Country of Tea!
  • 103: Naruto Sunk?! The Big Ocean with a Swirling Plot.
  • 104: Run, Idate! The Stormy, Trouble-Filled Nagi Island!
  • 105: Almost to the Goal! A Thunder Roaring Big Battle.
  • 106: Will You Make It, Idate! The Never-Give-Up Last Spurt!
  • 107: I want to fight you! Finally They Clash, Sasuke VS Naruto!
  • 108: The Unseen Crack.
  • 109: The Sound Temptation.

The Chase for Sasuke

  • 110: Konoha Five + One
  • 111: Wan, Invincible Formation Goes In Force!
  • 112: Member Dispute!? Shikamaru's Group's Critical Moment!
  • 113: At Full Power! Burn Chouji!
  • 114: Farewell My Friend! But I Still Believe In You!
  • 115: Your Opponent is Me!
  • 116: A Cool Guy's Burning Battle!
  • 117: The Genius Ninja Will Go Wild!
  • 118: Get Back ~ The barrel we couldn't get back in Time.
  • 119: Mistake! A new Enemy.
  • 120: Roar Howl! The Ultimate Tag.
  • 121: Everyone's Respective Fight.
  • 122: Fake! Shikamaru the Man Who Bets On the Revival of the Dead.
  • 123: Konoha's Green Beast Attacks!
  • 124: The Beast Explodes! Burst, Blow and Break Through!
  • 125: Konoha's Allied Village, The Shinobi of The Sand
  • 126: The Strongest Battle Gaara vs Kimimaru
  • 127: Hold it, Sasuke! Finally caught up with Sasuke and raising hell
  • 128: Hold it, Sasuke! Finally caught up with Sasuke and raising hell
  • 129: Itachi and Sasuke. An exsistence too far apart.
  • 130: Father and son. The cracked family crest.
  • 131: Enlightenment. The secret of Mangekyou Sharingan.
  • 132: Friends
  • 133: Roar of Tears! You Are My Friend!
  • 134: Conclusion of the Rain of Tears.
  • 135. The Promise that Couldn't be Kepted.

Fillers - Finding Orochimaru

  • 136. Infiltration Investigation?! Here it Comes, the Ultimate S-rank Mission!
  • 137. The Town of Outlaws, Shadow of the Fuuma Clan
  • 138. A Pure Betray Fleeting Wishes.
  • 139. Fear! orochimaru's Castle.
  • 140. Two beats, Kabuto's Trap.
  • 141. Sakura's Decision.

Fillers - Mizuki, Fuujin and Raijin

  • 142. The Evil Trio of High Security Installation.
  • 143. Run, Ton-Ton! I'm depending on your nose.
  • 144. Rebirth - Three People, One Team!
  • 145. Explosion! New Formation, InoShikaChou!
  • 146. Abandoned Dreams, The Shadow Of Orochimaru.
  • 147. Confrontation of Fate! You Will Not Defeat Me!

Fillers - Finding Bikouchuu

  • 148. Even Akamaru is Jelaous of His Searching Ability! Search for the Phantom Bikouchuu!
  • 149. What's the Difference?! Don't Bugs All Look The Same?
  • 150. Deceive, Confuse And Be Deceived! The Grand Bug Battle!
  • 151. Burning Byakugan! This Is My Way Of The Ninja!

Fillers - Raiga Saga

  • 152. Requiem for the Living
  • 153. The Heart's Notice! Iron Fist of Love
  • 154. Natural Enemy of the Byakugan
  • 155. The Creeping Dark Clouds
  • 156. Raiga's Counterattack!
  • 157. Run! It's the Curry of Life!

Fillers - Gosunkugi Saga

  • 158. Everyone, follow me! The Survival of Sweat and Tea
  • 159. An Enemy or Friend?! The Bounty Hunter of the Desert.
  • 160. Will we take it or will it be taken from us? The Okay Temple's Battle!

Fillers - Green Beast

  • 161. Meeting the Strange Visitor, Green Beast? Wild Beast?... Rare Animal?

Fillers - Noroimusha

  • 162. The White Noroimusha
  • 163. Strategist : Koumei's Schemes
  • 164. The Helper Who Came Too Late
  • 165. Naruto's Death
  • 166. Time is stopped & White Heron`s Flapping Wings of Time
  • 167. Time is stopped & White Heron`s Flapping Wings of Time

Fillers - Ramen

  • 168. Burning Pot! Mix It, Stir It, and Boil It!

Fillers - Anko's Past

  • 169. Remembrance, The lost page
  • 170. Impact, The closed door
  • 171. Sneaking, The planned trap
  • 172. Despair, The broken heart
  • 173. Sea Battle, The released power

Fillers - Rich Kid

  • 174. NO WAY! Celebrity Ninpou: Jutsu of Gold Element

Fillers - Tsunade's Test

  • 175. Dig Here, Woof Woof! Search for the Buried Treasure
  • 176. Dashing, Straying, Zigzag Run! Chase it Chasing it Mistaken it

Fillers - Postman Ninjas

  • 177. OH!? Please, Mister Postman

Fillers - Hidden Star Village

  • 178. Encounter, The boy that has a name of "Star"
  • 179. Natsuhiboshi (Summer day’s star), Remembered Lullaby
  • 180. Secret Technique, Compensation of Kujaku Myouhou
  • 181. Hoshikage, The Buried Truth
  • 182. Reunion, The leftover time
  • 183. The star that shines brighter

Fillers - Kiba

  • 184. Inuzuka KIBA's Long Day

Fillers - Onbaa

  • 185. The legend of Konoha ! Onbaa has existed

Fillers - Shino

  • 186. Laughed SHINO

Fillers - Moving Center

  • 187. Business Starting!! Konoha House Moving Center
  • 188. Mysterious! The Pursued Peddlers
  • 189. Underwater! An Inexhaustible Amount Of Ninja Weapons
  • 190. Byakugan Saw It! The Magnet User's Blind Spot
  • 191. Sentence of Death "Cloudy and Sometimes Clear"

Fillers - Ino

  • 192. Ino screams! Chubby ? Paradise

Fillers - Rock Lee Dojo

  • 193. Viva, Training Group Challenge

Fillers - Haunted Castle

  • 194. Grotesque, The Cursed Ghost Castle

Fillers - Rock Lee Rival

  • 195. The Third Great Beast, The Greatest Rival
  • 196. Clash of Tears! Hot Blooded Teacher and Student Showdown.
  • 197. The Konoha 11 Gather!
  • 198. The ANBU Also Gave Up, Naruto`s Recollection
  • 199. Missing the Mark, The Visible Target
  • 200. Working Hard on Active Duty, The Strongest Helper
  • 201. Multiple Traps, Countdown to Collapse
  • 202.Today's Announcement! Top 5 Battles with Sweat and Tears
  • 203-204-205. Kurenai's Decision, Team 8 Left Behind, The Targeted Eight Clouds, The Sealed Ability, Kurenai's Top-Secret Mission, The Third's Promise
  • 206. Genjutsu or Reality? Those Who Control the Five Senses
  • 207. Abilities That Should HaveBeenSealed
  • 208. Rare artifact, The weight of the Beauties of Nature
  • 209. The Enemy 'Shinobazu
  • 210. The Forest of Bewilderment
  • 211. Memories of Fire
  • 212. Everyone's Paths
  • 213. Lost Memories
  • 214. Regained the Reality
  • 215. Getting Rid of the Past
  • 216. The Vanished Artisan - The Targeted Shukaku
  • 217. Suna's Allies - Konoha's Shinobi
  • 218. Counterattack of the Sealed Sand Water Tiger
  • 219. The Resurrected Ultimate Weapon
  • 220. Setting Out

List Source:

Ultimate Ninja Cheats

We got your Naruto Ultimate Ninja cheats right here, enjoy!

Unlockable Characters
Defeat story mode playing as any character: Neji Hyuuga
Defeat story mode playing as Neji Hyuuga: Hinata Hyuuga
Defeat story mode playing as Hinata Hyuuga: Haku
Defeat story mode playing as Haku: Zabuza Momochi
Defeat story mode playing as Zabuza Momochi: Gaara
Defeat story mode playing as Garaa: Orochimaru

Hidden Scrolls
Here are the locations of the hidden scrolls for the first S rank mission. You can obtain these in any mode, but practice mode is the easiest.

Ramen Shop (foreground) - Hit the lanterns so each of them grows red.
Hokage's Statue Stage (foreground) - Jump repeatedly on the tree to the left.
Zabuza's Home (background) - Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the balcony.
Bridge (foreground) - Wait 3 seconds on the game clock while standing on the boat.
Yagura map with the Giant Frog & Snake (background) - ump from the top of the frog to the snake, then jump back.
Chunnin Testing Stage (foreground) - Run through the tunnel from the left entrance and exit the right. Repeat 3 times.
Hero's Gravestone (any) - Attack your opponent's support character 5 times.
Survival Stage (background) - Destroy the doll on the right 10 - 15 times.
Wind Clan (foreground) - Keep attacking the vending machine until the scroll shows up.
Tornado Sand Map (background) - Destroy 8 objects flying within the tornado.
Nightly Rooftop Map (background) - Stand on the tail of the right fish statue until the scroll appears.
44 Forest of Death (foreground) - Attack the fish on the left 3 times.

Additional Rank S Missions
Mission #11 Finish Icha Icha Paradise (99 times each pair) - Complete S Rank Mission #2 Icha Icha Paradise
Mission #12 Collect 9,999,999 worth of money - Finish all non-S rank missions (Hokage Rank)

Unlockable Stages
2 Village of Sand stages - Beat Gaara's story mode
Great Naruto Bridge - Comeplete Haku's Story
Zabuza's Hideout - Comeplete Haku's Story
Kazekage's Mansion - Comeplete Gaara's Story
Sumanigo Estate and Buddha Statue - Comeplete Gaara's Story

Capsule Machines
Capsule Machine for Collectors - Achieve the rank of "Chunnin"
Capsule Machine for Maniacs - Achieve the rank of "Anbu"

Play in a different colored outfit for any character
Press and hold L2 and R1, then press X (only works for FREE BATTLE & MISSION modes)

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